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Does God care?

Does God care?

Throughout history, countless individuals have struggled with the issue of evil in the world and have been tormented by the same questions. "If God is all-powerful, why does He permit evil and suffering? Does God care about us? Does He not take notice of all the problems on Earth? You are not alone if you have ever posed queries along these lines. Everybody has.

Does God care? He does, is the correct response. He sent Christ to die for us while we were still sinners as the greatest sacrifice to demonstrate His immense love for us.

In addition, Jesus informs us in Matthew 10:29–31 that we are more important to God than a group of sparrows. When you pray but do not immediately receive a response from God, it does not imply that He does not care about you. If God does not instantly answer your prayers, He has something greater in mind. Second, what you ask for might not be in your best interests. You could end yourself in hell due to it, leading you to sin.

When we are in crisis, and God does not immediately deliver us, this is another factor that can lead us to believe that He does not care. God did not, however, guarantee us quick relief. Jesus warns us in John 16:33 that we shall face many difficulties and sufferings while we are on Earth. However, be encouraged because I have defeated the world. You see, God might not operate when you want Him to, but He will undoubtedly work when He wants to. When we witness the evil triumph over the righteous, this is another reason why we may assume that God is unconcerned. You might be perplexed why those without regard for God and His rules seem to flourish and advance in life. While striving to serve God, you sense that you are lagging. But Peter advises us to submit to God's strong power, and He will exalt us when appropriate. He advises us to turn our concerns and worries over to God because He is our provider.

For four hundred years, the Israelites in Goshen, under Pharaoh's rule, may have had the same thinking. Does God care about what we experience? Can He possibly be blind to the anguish we endure? Can't He hear our cries? I want to reassure you, my brother and sister, that just as God delivered the people of Israel, He will do the same for you when the time is right.

Supporting Scriptures:

Psalm 5:6-7

Psalm 35:19

1 Peter 5:6-7

1 Peter 5:10

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