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God Is Always Faithful Even When We Are Not.

This story is the culmination of years of hardship, struggle and pain for Sarah, Abraham's wife. It is hard to contextualize what her life had been to this point: taken from her home, following her husband into strange nations, and over all the physical hardship of such a nomadic life, the ever-present knowledge of her own barrenness, her inability to bear a child for herself and her husband, and her advancing age. God's promises to Abraham of a son through her must have seemed ludicrous to Sarah – so much so that she laughed outright at the suggestion (Genesis 18:12). Yet here, God's promise is fulfilled. He is gracious to Sarah.

Sarah had many struggles in her lifetime, and some of her choices may seem shocking and even cruel to us. Yet God brought her laughter, and she wanted to share that with everyone who heard her story. Here, in this verse, we see God's faithfulness.

Question: What impacts you from Sarah's story? Her long years of struggle? Her incredulity at God's promises? Or her joy at the fulfillment of that promise? How are you encouraged?

If the Lord through this Devotional has touched your heart and you are struggling with some unforgiveness, resentment, anger, or depression please reach out to one of our administrators. That's why we are here. This ministry is a tool to be used by you, the Christian, to help spread the Gospel and disciple others. I love everyone of yall. God bless you. have a blessed day in Jesus.

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