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Is God Their? 12/26/22

Is God There?

We often have trouble answering the question, "Is God there?" This question is the same as doubting Him. Every Christian will experience doubts about God. We even question God's love for us and our salvation. Has He a strategy for us? Some of you could add other locations where you have similar doubts. Consider the apostle who served Jesus and was known as "doubting Thomas." Thomas first had his doubts about the resurrection. However, after His resurrection, Jesus did not correct him but instead dispelled his doubts by allowing him to stick his fingers into the pierced holes in His side, hands, and feet.

Due to their oppressors, Gideon had doubts that God could use him to alter the trajectory of Israel's history. He even put God to the test twice, demanding that He manifest supernatural signs to prove His existence. God showed Gideon that He can be trusted by truly granting Gideon's prayers. Abraham and Sarah also questioned God's ability to bless them with a son at such an advanced age. Sarah chuckled at the idea! Therefore, remember that "Christ died for you" when you question, "Is God there?" If God was willing to offer His Son as a sacrifice for you, there is nothing He won't do for you!

Secondly, you should be aware that He loved you while you were still dead in sin. God created a method for sinners to spend eternity with Him by atoning for their sins with His blood out of His perfect and holy love.

Thirdly, recognize Him as your heavenly father. Be reassured that He is in control of all situations when we experience life's storms and that you can put your trust in His love and provision regardless of the situation.

Fourthly, know that He cares about you. Our own shame causes us to have so many doubts. We enable satan's lies to overpower the truth because of our wickedness. You are still eligible for God's love and faithfulness even if you are having a poor day.

Fifthly, know that God has good plans for you. He has plans for your prosperity. This does not imply that you will have three homes and four vehicles. But He assures you that you will experience blessings in every way.

Sixth, be still and recognize His divine nature. Always keep in mind that the Lord is your God. He chooses you. He is very familiar with you. Each hair on your head has a unique number. Before you even utter it, he already knows the word. He knows your sitting, standing, arrival, and departure times.

And lastly, pray! We can utilize prayer as one of the most effective truths to dispel our doubts about God. When you are in a state of mind where you doubt His goodness and integrity, tell Him you are doubting. God desires your sincerity. Although God already knows what you are thinking and feeling, being honest with Him strengthens your faith and obedience. As we keep in mind these potent realities, I pray that we all become more firm in our faith and that the times when we have doubts about God become fewer.

If the Lord through this Devotional has touched your heart and you are struggling with some unforgiveness, rezement, anger, or depression please reach out to one of our administrators.  That's what we are here for. This ministry is a tool to be used by you, the Christian, to help spread the Gospel and disciple others. I love everyone of yall. God bless you and have a Merry Christmas.

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